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skip_to_the_end ([personal profile] skip_to_the_end) wrote2008-10-06 12:26 pm
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I've had this journal for over two years now, and I've never really felt the urge to post anything until now. Why the change? I guess you could say that I'm at a crossroads, or something. I've just started university, at the age of 25 and following two false starts. The last two years have been tumultuous (to put it mildly), and have involved angst, broken friendships, a broken heart, hitting rock bottom and finding my way back up again.

Ultimately I seem to have come out of it with more questions than answers, and from time to time I find myself looking around me, wondering how I got to this point. Life is good right now - it's all mine for the taking (or breaking). Now, if only I could figure out what I want...

Maybe I might just make it this time.